Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™

Damn this is a cool video. Makes working on a computer look so cool and easy.

These days a keyboard is not super necessary unless you’re doing a shit ton of typing/chatting/book writing. For the majority of us, carrying a laptop around is too heavy, carrying an iPad around is insufficient as it’s hard to do work on it.

This Ultrabook™. Inspired by Intel makes it easy to carry work around and still not seem like you have to carry another laptop bag with cables and heavy batteries etc. You can still get work done, and when you’re done with work, it’s not too troublesome to lug around after work.

So if you’re looking for your next computer, why not try this Acer Aspire P3 Convertible Ultrabook™. It’s ultraportable, detachable, and touch centric. 

I should just get one now before my current laptop dies on me.

Iron Man 3 Contest

Ironman 3 is coming out. There’s this blog contest to win free passes to watch. Click here to find out more about the contest

awesome suit

This is how i would wear my ironman suit. it will make the enemies laugh so hard that they can’t attack. I call it the “laugh-at-my-suit suit”.

Por Por’s 2013 Birthday

I really don’t know how old Porpor is, she’s something like 99? 98? 93? 90 something…. Anyway, it’s the first dinner we’re having with Eugene, Yvonne, and Elaine since probably a few years back. Everyone was back from wherever they are, and Elaine even brought a +1, Cuong.

elaine, cuong, yvonne, eugene with porpor

elaine, cuong, yvonne, eugene with porpor

Fine I should actually count the number of candles in the picture above but I’m just too lazy.

everybody louhei! first louhei of 2013

everybody louhei! first louhei of 2013

From left to right: Dad, Uncle Peter (who I don’t even know if he’s my Dad’s bro, sister found out at Mama’s funeral that he might be Dad’s bro, but they never wanted to confirm it, so we’ll continue wondering), Auntie Janet, Auntie Claudia, Ahyee, me, Mom, Eugene, Porpor, Yvonne, Uncle Kenny, Auntie Angeline, Elaine, Cuong, Uncle Ivan.

Porpor always wanted to be cool:

por por rocking it out

por por rocking it out

They say I don’t know how to smile. I prove them right:

yvonne trying to look like me

yvonne trying to look like me

Harlem Shake

We did this quite spontaneously. Thought it was quite late in the scene to do it, but it was all for good fun, and a little way to chill out at the office on a Thursday morning.

Check it out:

If you have no idea what we’re trying to do, you are probably over the age of 50. Please search “Harlem Shake” in Youtube and you’ll find out what’s going on.

Jack Murphy

Damn this guy is funny!

Jack Murphy is my long time golf buddy at Beijing. Even though the generation gap (his eldest son is 38 years old), I can see how he was a cool dude when he was younger coz he’s still cool as shit now.

Staying at a baller pad and with a baller car in Beijing. I’ve been riding with him to golf and back almost every Sunday. One of the best guys to play golf with, always smiling, never in a bad mood, and always encouraging and motivating. No wonder he’s where he is today.

Hope he comes visit Malaysia soon or else I’ll have to go to Kentucky to find this dude.

Check him out


After one day, he sent me another picture:

Here he is smoking them cigars while playing golf.

Ice Breakers

This is one of the campaigns that we’re doing for Nuffnang China right now. After months of hardwork, we finally launched a larger community-wide campaign for Hershey’s Ice Breakers that are available in Shanghai and Chengdu only.

Only 2 flavors are available now, which are Sours and Mints.


We’re getting lotsa people to take part in the contest that we’re doing now here at:

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself showing how your expression would be after eating one of Sours or Mints and stand a chance to win….some prizes. (I’m not sure what they are but you can find them out on the contest details page.)


So what you waiting for. Join away!

Gosh, my blog is really becoming a contest whore.


Whatchuwant Pimp My Ride

This is my ride:

Well, it’s not really banged up, but it was once in this condition. If you guys remember, this is a small accident I had before going to China. I was rushing to play golf in the rain, slid and hit the fender. I do have a new grill now and it’s back in normal condition.

XPAX is having this campaign that is giving out RM10,000 of prizes daily, you guys should check out . Apparently they got TVs, phones, cameras etc to give away daily.

They’re also selecting cars to pimp up for their Pimp My Ride show. So since I don’t have dough for a new ride, a pimped out ride would do just fine for me. Maybe something like this:?

Hmmm…might be a bit ah beng for me. But sure looks better than the normal black zzzz….state now.

So XPAX and MTV, can you pimp my ride?


Malaysian go away dinner at Beijing

I have been here in Beijing for 2 years. As much as I’m reluctant to leave, I’m also excited at the new opportunity that awaits. The close Malaysian friends I have here in Beijing decided to do a quick get together before I leave.

From left to right: Clarice, whom I hang out with quite a bit because she’s cool, lame, and stays very nearby; Joanne, whom I met from Clarice that also likes to rock climb; Gerry, Steph Chew’s sister who is super cool and a super salesperson; Nicholas Chay, visiting from KL and just taking a quick look around here in China for the first time; me, yes you don’t recognize me because I didn’t put any product on my hair; Saichow, CHS-mate that’s also leaving Beijing for good in Oct; Clare, Chet’s wife who is sure still young at heart on the dance floor; Chet, CHS-mate; and Aikseng, CHS-mate:


Nicholas, doing the Nicholas:

I’m sure I’ll do some real ABC when I’m back in KL, although I’m not a big ABC fan:

With the Lau’s:

This better not happen in real life:

The restaurant we were at was called Boston (yes, weird name too). I don’t know why we got together at a Malaysian restaurant to celebrate 2 people leaving back to Malaysia. Didn’t make sense, but the company was good.

Workout crazy

Last Friday – Climbing
Last Saturday – Badminton
Last Sunday – Golf
Yesterday Monday – Hot Yoga
Today – Muay Thai
Tomorrow – Golf driving range
Thursday – Swimming
Friday – Climbing
Saturday – Badminton
Sunday – Golf

and the next week will be the same all over again.

So that when you eat, you don’t feel bad.